Chelation Therapy


Chelation is a very specific type of IV Therapy used primarily for the removal of heavy metals from the body including the most prominent; iron, lead, mercury, cadmium, and zinc. These toxic heavy metals in your body may be compromising the function of your body’s organs. At BioCore, we will first help you rule out the presence of these heavy metals and advise you as what to avoid in your diet, and what other factors in your daily living may be contributing to you acquiring these metals, including industrial exposure, smoking, and amalgam fillings. Once we diagnose whether you have any an excess of heavy metals in your body that are a deterrent to normal and optimal function within your body we can help you remove them with oral and intravenous Chelation.

Chelation therapy is considered an alternative medicine that has the purpose of removing “heavy metals” and toxins from the body.

Why would someone experience heavy metal toxicity in the first place? Although it might sound like something only tied to rare circumstances of accidental poisoning, heavy metals are more common than you think. If you have mercury fillings in your teeth (or amalgam fillings), have been vaccinated to prevent various diseases, eat farm-raised fish regularly, consume foods that are grown in foreign countries (like China) that aren’t certified organic, or are healing from radiation and chemotherapy treatments, you’re likely experiencing heavy metal toxicity right now to some degree.

Chelation therapy involves a chemical solution called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), which is administered into the body — usually directly injected into the bloodstream — so it can bind with excess minerals. Once bound to “toxins” in the body, EDTA helps detox the body of heavy metals by removing them before imbalances and illnesses have the chance to develop.

How Chelation Therapy Works

Many people who have used chelation therapy regularly feel that it helps them remain more energetic and immune to common illnesses, environmental toxins and stress. Studies show that chelation is scientifically proven to rid the body of excess or toxic metals, especially certain kinds like lead or mercury that can lead to poisoning. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of chelation therapy with EDTA for treating lead poisoning and continues to investigate its potential and safety as a new drug for reducing coronary heart disease symptoms.

EDTA is a type of man-made synthetic amino acid. As an alternative, some practitioners also use another substance in EDTA’s place called DMPS (2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid), which works similarly. EDTA chelation therapy works by binding salts to molecules in the blood once EDTA is administered into someone’s veins. After EDTA attaches to heavy metals, together they both move to the kidneys where they are eliminated from the body through urine.

It’s possible that “chelating agents” like EDTA and DMPS can help detoxify the body of toxic elements that contribute to many types of chronic diseases. Chelating agents have specific bonds that form between organic molecules and metals. This gives them the ability to “bind” to metals that build up in the blood, major organs and blood vessels.

The biggest benefit of chelation therapy is controlling levels of various environmental metals. Metals, including lead, mercury, aluminum and arsenic, can cause short- and long-term health consequences since they impact functions of the central nervous, cardiovascular, immune and skeletal systems. When the body is out of homeostasis due to experiencing imbalances in minerals, malfunction and damage to vital organs can develop.

Some of the most symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include:

- Chronic fatigue syndrome

- Trouble learning and remembering new information

- “Brain fog” and trouble concentrating

- Autoimmune diseases

- Neurological disorders and cognitive decline

- Joint or muscle pain

- Mood changes, including depression and anxiety

Conditions It Manages

Chelation therapy was initiated around the 1940’s to treat lead poisoning. However, since then many other conditions have seen improvements due to the management especially those dealing with vascular diseases. The environment is full of many toxic metals that due to their unnatural structures easily enter the body but are very difficult to get out. These toxins accumulate and wreak havoc on your body being stored in places such as the liver, kidney, heart and brain creating a broad spectrum of health conditions. Another way Chelation works is to bond with free radicals, stopping cell damage that they cause.



In small quantities, certain heavy metals are essential for a healthy life. These are referred to as trace elements. Heavy metals become toxic when they accumulate in large amounts that are too excessive for metabolism. These metals then accumulate in the soft tissues. Metals may enter the body through food, water, air, or absorption through the skin. Common means of acquisition in modern times is through smoking and having amalgam fillings. The most commonly encountered toxic metals are Arsenic, Lead, Aluminum, Mercury, Cadmium, and Iron.



Heavy metal overload can result in damaged or reduced mental and central nervous system function, lower energy levels, and damage to blood composition, liver, kidney, lung, and other vital organs. Long-term exposure may result in slowly progressive physical, muscular and neurological degenerative processes. Symptoms of chronic exposure are very similar to symptoms of other health conditions and often develop over several months or years.


Management Plan

In summary, this therapy works by administering a man-made Chelation ingredient called EDTA as well as potent vitamins and minerals through the vein. EDTA bonds with heavy metals forming a compound which goes through the kidney and is excreted through the urine therefore removing the harmful metal.

The practitioner starts with a simple challenge test used in conjunction with urine collection that will indicate which metals are in abundance in the body. Once these are identified, our clinic can assist each patient in getting rid of these incapacitating heavy metals with safe Chelation, both oral and intravenous. In addition, our specialist can counsel the individual patient about which foods are helpful in removing these toxic metals, and which foods one should avoid that contain significant levels of these metals.

BioCore professionals analyze each patient on a case-by-case basis. We are dedicated to finding the exact root of the problem and fixing it to that the problem does not come back. We will not only fix your symptoms but also set you on the path to long-term optimal health.

5 Benefits of Chelation Therapy

The Dangerous Effects of Metal in the Blood

Potentially dangerous yet common metals such lead, aluminum, cadmium, copper, and especially mercury can have a devastatingly negative impact on our health. And in today’s world, we are frequently in close proximity to and contact with metals like these.

Take mercury, for example. High levels of exposure to mercury can cause significant harm to just about every major organ and system, including the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and immune system. There are a wide range of ways that mercury can enter the bloodstream—it can come through the food we eat (particularly seafood), the fluids we drink, and even things like fillings and metal medical tools. Mercury poisoning is even more dangerous in young people and children, in which it can impair the brain’s abilities to develop properly and form new knowledge.

Lead is another highly dangerous metal, one that research has shown is not safe for exposure to humans in any dose whatsoever. Lead can accumulate in our bones and teeth, eventually leading to issues like high blood pressure, kidney failure, liver failure and brain damage.

Lead is of particular concern for anyone who is pregnant or plans on becoming pregnant, as it can be transferred to the fetus through the blood. This can lead to traumatic natal experiences like miscarriage or failure in the fetus to develop healthily and normally.


IV Chelation Therapy is a highly advanced and proven-effective method of cleansing your blood of toxins and unhealthy nutrients, as well as improving your overall health. It can provide a huge range of benefits to your well-being, all using a simple process designed to deliver highly effective nutrients, vitamins and minerals directly where they’re needed most.

Why Chelation Therapy?

All over the world, doctors, practitioners, and specialists of all kinds are recommending IV Chelation Therapy to patients due to its proven track record of helping to detoxify the blood and body and remove heavy metals from the bloodstream. It’s a quick, easy and powerful way to instantaneously improve your overall well-being and health in addition to being an effective way to help alleviate certain symptoms and side-effects as well as protect against certain health issues.

Your blood, veins and arteries are the life-giving network that provides your body with the materials, fuel and protection it needs in order to function properly. Unfortunately, your blood is also often the delivery system for health problems when veins and arteries aren’t operating at peak effectiveness and health.

Toxins like heavy metals and issues like cholesterol can cause heart disease, artery clogging and hardened arteries, as well as plenty of other major health issues that can sometimes be life-threatening. IV Chelation Therapy is a modern medical treatment that’s designed to remove heavy metals from your bloodstream and perform an all-around detoxification of your blood for the sake of your short-term and long-term health.

In addition to improving and preventing a wide range of health issues, IV Chelation Therapy is also often used to help minimize and alleviate side-effects that result from chemotherapy treatment in many patients.

Over 500 independent, respected research studies have been conducted in order to judge the effectiveness of Chelation Therapy, and these unique studies all confirm that Chelation Therapy is a safe, effective and even recommended method of reversing or treating the health concerns and issues listed above.

The Power of IV Chelation Therapy

Using an intravenous (IV) solution, IV Chelation Therapy delivers vital nutrients to the body that catalyze the detoxification process. The primary ingredient in IV Chelation Therapy is ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, or EDTA. After the EDTA is delivered directly into the bloodstream, it then binds itself to any heavy metals that are present within the bloodstream and body. Then, the EDTA pulls these heavy metals along as its flushed out through urination, removing the harmful toxins from your body.

This has proven to be a dramatically effective detoxification method for a wide range of harmful materials within the bloodstream—and the benefits are not only for removing metals. Here are some of the additional benefits of IV Chelation Therapy for both short-term and long-term health.

How is chelation therapy given?

Chelation therapy sessions take several hours to complete and are usually performed in a doctor’s office under special monitoring. Most patients need between five to 20 treatments for best results. Each treatment session involves insertion of an intravenous (IV) to administer liquid EDTA, usually into a vein located in the hand or arm.

The procedure isn’t painful for most people, but like with all injections, it’s possible to feel some burning, redness or swelling at the injection site. There is minimal recovery time needed after the procedure and most patients are free to drive themselves home and go about their normal day. Some people report needing to urinate more than usual following chelation therapy, which can be beneficial considering this is how heavy metals leave the body.

Our practitioners will closely monitor patients before, during, and after the course of treatments, and a comprehensive program of diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications and nutrient supplementation will be reviewed and implemented.

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